General Travel Tips


Previously, it was a possibility for foreign nationals to obtain 30-day visas on arrival at the airport in Sri Lanka; since 2012 this is no longer the case. Those visiting Sri Lanka as tourists must apply online via the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) ( and pay the mandatory application fee.


Since Sri Lanka is quite a warm island, it would make sense bringing as much loose cotton clothing as you can. Though there aren’t any restrictions for clothing in general, there are some limitations visiting places of worship. It is advisable to wear knee-length light coloured clothing when visiting such places. Having said that if you are planning to cover the entire island during your holiday, be sure to pack some warm clothing to keep you warm as the hill country can get chilly and sometimes a little bit more than chilli.


Sri Lanka is generally very clean and hygienic. When it comes to issues of health, it is best that you bring a mosquito repellant along with any prescription for any medicines that you may require. As far as vaccination goes, make sure you are vaccinated against hepatitis, Japanese B encephalitis, and tuberculosis. Since Sri Lanka is quite warm with the sun being quite unforgiving, especially during summer, it is prudent to bring along your sunglasses plus some sunscreen.