Hill Country

Everybody knows Sri Lanka as a tropical paradise, but there are lot of islands with the tropical nature, so you might think what make Sri Lanka so fascinating! Sri Lanka is a wonderful island, and it is fascinating because not only due to its abundance of natural wonders but also due to its climatic conditions that has been an inspiring factor for many tourists who comes and visit us. The cool climatic conditions and the breathtaking ring of mountains, which are graced by the white foamy waters of flourishing cascades, is an entirely different stunning geographical wonder, which many may feel like home sweet home.

Kandy, which is also known as Maha Nuwara, is a religious and administrative city that is highly significant for the Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka. Kandy is home to the The Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa). There are many places of interests for tourists in Kandy, such as the Lankatilaka Temple, which is thought to be an excellent example of traditional Sinhalese temple architecture that is well preserved. Other noteworthy places that should be visited include Gadaladeniya Temple, The Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya, Udawatta Kele, and the The Royal Palace Park. Interestingly, Kandy is only second to Colombo as the center of the Sri Lankan economy.Nuwara Eliya

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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya or more lovingly named as “Little England” is one of the most fascinating destinations in Sri Lanka, with the coolest climate recorded in within the isle. Rich with quite an impressive collection of flora and fauna, Nuwara Eliya is a city that is a bespoke travel destination of Sri Lanka, encompassing some of the elite attractions to make your time a more relaxing and wonderful engagement. Not only that, you’ll also be visiting the home ground of the best cup of tea in the world. With the rich colonial heritage and English architecture adding colour to the area, you are able to visit Victoria Park, Gregory Lake, Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, Hakgala Garden, World's End and The First Tea factory of Sri Lanka and James Taylor museum.

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Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles mountain range is another natural marvel in Sri Lanka that just proves how blessed the Sri Lankan isle is. Informally known by many names, the mountain range is christened as Knuckles mountain range due to its appearance from an angle. It appears as a clenched fist with knuckles protruding. But the natives have named it differently as “Dumbara Kanduvetiya” meaning misty-mountain-range. What is truly astonishing about this topography is its high concentration of biodiversity. Spanning across a small area of 30,000ha the biodiversity hot spot homes 160 endemic flowering plants where some of them are not capable of growing anywhere else in the world. With many endemic flora and fauna including rare and endangered species, harbouring the salubrious mountain air of the mountain range Knuckles is affirmed as a conservation area recorded as “Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness Area”.

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Badulla and Outskirts

Badulla is another scenic destination in Sri Lankan hills, where many natural wonders are located. Just 230km away from the commercial capital Colombo, Badulla is a city of culture, religion and nature. The city is truly a refreshing view to the eye with a cooling atmosphere due to the 680 metres (2200 ft) elevation above sea level, which is surrounded by luscious tea plantation. If you ever plan to visit the capital city of Uva Province Sri Lanka, then you should embrace yourself for the wonderful wonders such as Dunhinda waterfall, Dhowa temple and Bogoda ancient wooden bridge. While visiting this pleasing city take a moment to hike and cycle through the lush trails and engage in the natural wonder of Badulla.

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Adam’s Peak

Adam’s peak is a holistic destination, which attract groups of individuals in four main faiths to venerate the foot print, and to behold the glorious view. Locally known as “Sripada” which is translated to “Sacred foot” in English, each of the religions believe it’s due to an act occurred in their religion. Buddhists believe it is the foot print of Lord Buddha who has placed it during his 3rd visit to Sri Lanka. Hindu’s believe it is the print of God Siva, and Muslims believes it to be the mark of Adam when he was expelled from Garden of Eden. Christians too share the same belief with Muslims but also give various views on the print by stating its St. Thomas’s. Whoever placed the mark on the summit, the truly miraculous feat about Adam’s peak is that all four religions harmoniously climb this breathtaking summit, truly achieving a greater miracle than the rest. While at it make sure to spend the night at the summit and get a chance to witness the glorious sun rise, which makes a man speechless at its beauty.

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