Buddhist Tour

Being blessed with the treasures and teachings of Lord Buddha during his three visits; Sri Lanka is one of the major Buddhist countries in the world. Buddhism was introduced into Sri Lanka in the 4th century BC by Venerable Mahinda, the son of the Emperor Ashoka, during the reign of Sri Lanka's King Devanampiya Tissa.

Later, being a Buddhist became the compulsory to become the King of the country, the Buddhism was treated as the religion of the country by ancient kings. The places that Lord Buddha visited become the places of veneration in the country and the ancient kind built pagodas, temples & structures to remark his visits.

The “Sacred Boo Tree” in Anuradhapura is considered as a tree from a root of the Boo Tree which Lord Buddha enlightened.

The Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha was brought to Sri Lanka and latterly the one who possesses the Tooth Relic was considered as the King of the Country. At present it is kept in a Relic Casket at Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy.

We at Asian Escapes want to share what others have taken centuries to discover. Our cultural tours and pilgrimages are designed to offer a unique experience to our valued tourists that none of other destinations offer.

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Heritage Tours

With the great efforts of our ancestors, Sri Lanka is a proud home to 8 world Heritages Sites. Not only the heritage site, but also the cultural norms and values, folk art, different traditional dancing, living patters, customs and traditions etc… are part of our heritage. The engineering marvels of our ancient kings were still mysterious to the modern day engineering systems. Supported by the resources provided by Mother Nature, Sri Lanka offers an incredible travel experience to its visitors. We at Asian Escapes will be delighted to facilitate to those who are enthusiast to experience the heritage of Sri Lanka.

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Leisure Tours

With its 65,525 sq km blended with the tranquility of the Mother Nature, Sri Lanka is a great destination with diverse attractions.
Sri Lanka is girdled by 1600km of beautiful tropical beaches around the island. A well-rostered rainfall pattern keeps one half of the island’s beaches rain free year around and making Sri Lanka a year round destination.
The Sri Lanka’s civilization which spans more than 20 centuries is eloquently recorded in its historic cities and citadels and in masterpieces of architecture, art and sculpture. Significantly the island contains as many as 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including 6 cultural sites.
Ethnic diversity enriches Sri Lankan heritage and life, endowing many unique and fascinating fiesta. Ancient irrigation systems, ayurvedic gerbil and medicine, age-old crafts and customs still keep the soul of traditional culture alive. Grace glittering pageants and small rustic fiesta still bring rain, good harvest or just good times.
Delightful paradoxes, improbable contrasts, happy surprises and many other qualities make Sri Lanka a unique. With all these facts and features, the great Scientist of Sri Lanka Dr. Arthur C. Clerk defined Sri Lanka as a “Small Miracle” in the world.

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