Explore Sri Lanka! Trekking Expedition (08 Nights 09 Days Itinerary)


Day 1: Arrival – Piliyandala

Upon your arrival, our Chauffer will pick you at the Airport and transfer to Thotupola Lakeside Resort; a lake front resort in Bolgoda. Bolgoda is the largest fresh water lake in Sri Lanka which spread over 400 sq.km, located approximately 40 km from Colombo. In the evening you will be able to have a walk in the village and experience their way of life while exposing to the local climatic conditions. Visit to the village temple, a fisher’s house, a village house will add value to your evening walk. Playing cricket with the local children will be another unique experience of your walk. A canoe ride in the Bolgoda Lake is also a possible activity in the hotel where we could arrange on your request. Overnight stay at Thotupola Lakeside Resort

Day 2: Piliyandala – Sinharaja

After an early breakfast, we will travel to Sinharaja Rainforest, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is regarded as a virgin rainforest and home for lot of birds including 20 endemics out of 34, reptiles, mammals, butterflies, freshwater fishes and lots of species of trees with a large proportion of those being indigenous to the country and some more specifically endemic to Sinharaja itself. Upon arrival to Sinharaja, we will check in at Martin’s Lodge for Lunch. After having lunch, we will start our forest exploration with the snacks and water. Back to the lodge after a memorable walk inside this virgin forest. Enjoy the dinner and overnight stay at Martin’s Lodge at the border of Sinharaja Rainforest.

Day 3: Sinharaja – Adam’s Peak

Today our destination will be Adam’s Peak which is known as Sri Pada in Sinhalese (Mountain of Sacred Footprint). Since the peak is crowned by the impression of a gigantic footprint, which is venerated by pilgrims of all religions. Buddhists pay homage to it as that of Lord Buddha, made during his third visit to the island; Hindus believe it was made by the Creative Dance of Siva; while Muslims and Christians believe it to be that of Adam, with Roman Catholics sometimes attributing it to St. Thomas. The best season for Adam’s Peak Hike is between full moon days of December & May and most of the pilgrimers are climb the mountain at night. During the off season (between full moon days of May & December) the night climbs are not possible and only the day climbs are operated and the weather is not good as in the season.
If you are travelling in the Adam’s Peak Season, we will spend more time in Sinharaja and start the climb around 5.00 pm and spend the time in the peak in Sleeping bags. If you are travelling in the off season, we will do this trek as a day climb and the climb starts early in the morning around 6.00 am.

Day 4: Adam’s Peak – Nuwara Eliya

We will witness the glorious sun rise from the top of the Adam’s Peak and trek down to Delhousie where we will meet our vehicle and transfer you to Nuwara Eliya. We will check in at Avian Breeze. Having a rest of few hours will make you comfortable and in the evening you are free to have a walk in the Nuwara Eliya town on your own. You may visit the market place, golf course, race course and the Victoria Park in the middle of the city. If you are interested we could arrange a Horse ride too. Back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay at Avian Breeze.

Day 5: Nuwara Eliya - Horton Plains - Belihuloya

After an early breakfast we will proceed to Horton Plains National Park for a nature walk inside. Horton Plains (Maha Eliya) National Park is the national park which located in the highest altitude in Sri Lanka covered by montane grassland and cloud forest. Being the home for 24 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and 8 species of amphibians Horton Plains offers nature enthusiasts a remarkable experience. A large herd of Sri Lankan Sambar Deer roam the park and other mammal species found in the park include Kelaart's Long-clawed Shrews, Toque Macaques, Purple-faced Langurs, Rusty-spotted Cat, Sri Lankan Leopards, Wild boars, Stripe-necked Mongooses, Sri Lankan Spotted Chevrotains, Indian Muntjacs, and Grizzled Giant Squirrels.
This is the only National Park in Sri Lanka in which visitors are allowed to walk. We will visit the most attracting tourist destination in the Horton Plains, the 'Worlds End’ where the 2000 meters plateau comes to an abrupt end, plunging 700-1000 meters to the valley floor. The 'Little Worlds End' is another popular location, falling a mere 300 meters, along with Baker's fall which we will visit during our walk.
Back to the Park entrance and get ready for the second session of the day. From the Park Entrance we will travel to Udaweriya where we start the trek to Kalupahana via Bambarakanda Waterfall which is the highest in Sri Lanka. At Kalupahana we will get into the vehicle and proceed to Belihuloya. Overnight stay at Belihuloya Rest House.

Day 6: Belihuloya

Today is the rest day of your trekking holiday in Sri Lanka. Even though it is a rest day, you are free to do a nature trail in the area. This nature trail takes you along the water streams, paddy fields, rural villages etc… enabling you to expose to the typical Sri Lankan countryside. Back to the Rest House after the nature trail. In the evening you will be able to have a dip in the famed Belihuloya River before the dinner. Enjoy your dinner and overnight stay at Belihuloya Rest House.

Day 7: Belihuloya – Hulang Ella Waterfall

After having breakfast at Belihuloya Rest House, we will be transferre to Kinchigune village from you will start the day’s spell of Kinchigune - Hulang Ella Falls Trekking trail. Your lunch will be arragnged at Kumbalgama Village. During this trekking trail, Trekkers are expected to carry their own necessities in a comfortable backpack so that the campers and guides are able to carry tents/provisions etc. This is camping/trekking on a very participatory basis!
Beyond the Kumbalgama Village temple, the trail goes through a very small village into a completely uninhabited area, characterised by intermittent patches of forest and savanna, eventually leading to the Walawe River. The river marks the 8km point of the trail, but to continue on we cross it at 'Mulgammankada' and hike through the Riverine Forest, alongside and down the river. During the next part of the trail, we will not come across any human habitations, and apart from an occasional small group or two of gem miners, who come to this desolate area and camp out here to mine for gems, one will not meet other humans on the way. After another 2km walk, we come to a beautiful rocky area where there is a waterfall of about 40 ft in height. This waterfall is called 'Hulan Ella' or the 'Walawe Ganga Falls (West)'. The beautiful, serene, and ever-changing forest next to the river and waterfall is home to an abundance of varying flora and fauna. The fauna in this area consists of the occasional elephant, sambhur Deer, Indian Muntjak, flying and giant Squirrels, many birds (Changeable Hawk Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Stork Billed kingfisher, Gray Hornbill etc.), Lizards (3 endemic), Geckos, Skinks, Snakes, Amphibians, Snails, Butterflies and Fishes.
Dinner and overnight stay at Camp at Hulan Ella. N.B. This will be camping on a 'participatory basis' where trekkers will assist our staff in the setting up of the camp and cooking.

Day 8: Hulan Ella - Duwili Ella Falls - Negombo

After breakfast we will break camp and continue through the forest, passing a place where the river divides into three and flows down as three streams for about 300 metres before rejoining. Always remaining in the cool shade of the Riverine Forest , we will reach our final destination in time for lunch. At the end of 10km walk from 'Hulan Ella' we come to the 'pièce de resistance' - the majestic, breathtaking and awesome ' Duwili Ella Falls '. This waterfall is also called the 'Walawe Ganga Falls (East)'. It plunges a dramatic 80 ft from a level rocky ground into a large deep pool at the base. The falling of the water creates a cloud of spray, resembling a cloud of dust (hence the name 'Duwili Ella' - in Sinhalese, 'Duwili' means 'dust' and 'Ella' is 'waterfall').
Lunch at the Duwili Ella Falls .After lunch there is a short climb up some steps where you will be met by your vehicle. Drive down to Negombo which is a beach resort in the close proximity to the Airport. In the evening you are free to spend your time on the beach. Enjoy a Sea food dinner at your hotel and get ready for the following day’s departure.

Day 9: Negombo - Departure

Breakfast at the hotel and leave for the Airport for fly back to your home or the next destination.


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