Tour Packages

Sri Lanka, with its massive contrasts; topographical, ecological and cultural diversity in its compact 66000 sq km makes it truly a ‘small miracle’ with endless nature and adventure related activities that are possible. A range of natural resources including virgin rainforests, misty mountains, waterfalls, rivers & lakes, wetlands, national parks & sanctuaries, sandy beaches & coral reefs. A lot of wildlife including elephants, leopards, sloth bears, variety of birds etc... makes the Sri Lanka a paradise for adventure lovers & nature enthusiasts. Wilderness of Sri Lanka welcomes explorers who really love to find the hidden treasures and experience the glamour.
Adventure Tourism is one of the most consuming segments of world tourist today. What makes an adventure can be very broad as surely it depends on the "thrill value" that we all seek. Sri Lanka's time in the realms of adventure tourism is now just dawning and the diversity of the island can only be appreciated once you have traveled. All the elements of air, water, earth and fire abound in a choice of adventures that will keep even the most hard core outdoor fanatics occupied and returning for more. So what's on offer?
Let it be a 3 days short tour or a 14 days tour, we at Asian Escapes assure to deliver the best to exceed your expectations. All the tour packages published on the website are sample tours where they could be amended at any given point to suit to your best.