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Filming & Photography Missions

Supportive Services for Filming & Photography Missions

Being the host location for the Academy Award winning film “The Bridge on the River Kwai” in 1957, Sri Lanka offers great locations for the films and documentaries.  With the variations of the locations scattered around this emerald isle, Sri Lanka offers unique and unmatched opportunities for the film directors and producers. Being Sri Lanka an island, the production team could be reached from beach to hill country, hill country to a Wildlife park or from Wildlife Park to a virgin forest in the matter of just few hours’ drive, enabling the producers to complete their missions at a very low cost and at a very short periods.

Ranminitenna Tele Cinema Village in the Deep South in the island offers great opportunities by offering one stop for all enabling the producers to make it comfortable.

With our expertise knowledge on the locations and experience in coordinating with the Government Authorities & industry professionals, we at Asian Escapes delighted to offer the following services for those who desires for successful filming / photography missions.

Our Services

  • Assistance for obtaining Group Visas
  • Assistance in Custom Clearances. ( for Cameras & Equipment)
  • Obtaining permissions from the Central Government Authorities
  • Obtaining permissions from Local Government Bodies and departments
  • Assistance for Production Services
    • Assistance for Art Direction
    • Scout for locations
  • Expert Guidance by the Industry Professionals
  • Necessary coordination with National Films Corporation of Sri Lanka
  • Accommodation Services for the Film Crew/hosts
  • Coordination & Assistance in providing cameras & other supportive equipment
  • Road/ Train Transport Arrangements
  • Chartering Trains for the Filming/Photography Missions
  • Chartering Domestic flights for aerial shoots
  • Arranging Recce Tours
  • Lodging and accommodation for the shootings in Jungles/ Remote Areas & off the beaten paths
  • Security Services for the Film Stars/Crew & Crowd Control Services
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