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Asian Escapes is specialized in arranging tours in and around Sri Lanka – the tropical paradise, with the constant support of a team of multi-lingual professionals, experts in providing tailor-made solutions, always at a price that fit your budget. We understand that each tourist, each group, each project and each travel experience is unique and requires personalized service, focusing on the expectations and the whims of the client.



Coupled with a sense of innovation, creativity, and professionalism, our aim is to be the best in the field of travel & tourism



Our promise is to provide an unforgettable and enjoyable travel experience with a service guarantee designed to exceed all expectations.

Know More About Us

Flexible Itineraries

We do not offer fixed tour plans. Even the ones are listed on the site is for educational and informational purposes of our clients. We believe the perfect plan exists only in the imagination and expectations of the client. Our company’s commitment is to make them a reality, with a total package tailored to each need and each dream.

We listen to you and design personalized, exclusive solutions that match your needs in receptive tour operator services, including hotels, excursions, tickets to events of any kind, local transport, and itineraries designed especially for individuals or groups, conferences, meetings, business tourism or any other option you could need or imagine.

Our Responsibility

While we want to make this holiday responsibility free, we are very mindful of the repercussions of certain practices of the trade. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of nature and have initiated a tree planting campaign to compensate the carbon footprints. We are also aware of our corporate social responsibility and have weaved our tours around the local needs of people, ensuring that locally produced products are promoted and thus not only gives you a well-crafted gift to take home but also provides a livelihood for even the small scale vendors. We work with nature and our people and our environment, not against them so come join us with a free conscience.

Our Core Values


We take responsibility for our service, our decisions and the experience we create for our clients. Our accountability starts from the moment you contact us and remains until you complete your tour. Our higher degree of accountable is one of the factors that has resulted in repeated clients and new clients via word of mouth reference


Customer oriented service is significant to the success of this extremely social business. With attention to details, we pay attention to each individual understanding their travel preferences and other requirements to provide a service that achieve complete customer satisfaction. Our clients favorable testimonials and recommendations bears the evidence to our highly customer oriented approach.


We keep all of our business activities transparent and free from any unfair affiliations to any outside entities. We educate our clients about the tour itineraries and the cost involved before they begin the tour and we make sure there are no hidden costs or unexpected expenses at the end of the tours.


Our story is very simple and sincere. We at Asian Escapes want to give you – our customer- an experience you’ve never had before. We promise to make your journey and limited time in Sri Lanka feel transcendent. This is why we strays away from just ordinary tourist attractions and have gone the extra mile to ensure that you take an unbeaten path in our isle and experience not only the material comforts but also the people and our country’s warmth.

Our wealth of experience in the field and our nuanced know-how enable us to offer you something you’ve worth remembering. We assure you that all your needs during your stay will be well taken care of and you will have a seamless journey. Our entire team at Asian Escapes warmly invites you to our island home and will provide you with one to one customer care that is unparalleled.

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