Sri Lanka

  • Main city - Colombo
  • Area - 65,525 sq km
  • Weather - Tropical climate
  • Time Zone - GMT + 5.5
  • Time Zone - GMT + 5.5
  • Language - Sinhala, Tamil and English
  • Population - 20.9 million
  • Currency - Sri Lankan rupee (LKR)
  • Climate - 17 °C (62.6 °F) - 33 °C (91.4 °F)
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More about Sri Lanka

Like the worthy pearl pendant in the center of the chain we were once the shipping port of the ancient silk route. This means that even today, our home is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, foods and of course our famously friendly people. Sri Lanka boasts of a 2000 year old history with some world heritage worthy remnants. We can even dial further back to indigenous people who live in the wild up to date. This is not to mean that modern comforts and amenities are scarce. Sri Lanka is studded with luxurious hotels and resorts and even quaint B&B stays for the homely traveler.

Sri Lanka offers a platter of goods for every type of traveler. In a matter of hours you could go from world famous sunny beaches in Arugambay to surf and walk through quaint towns that emit a Rastafarian vibe to stately prehistoric kingdoms and old temples in Anuradahpura where Buddhism took root infused with the mixture of Hindu temples and see locals travel on pilgrimage. You can sip a cup of Ceylon tea in NuwaraEliya in an English style cottage nestled among the manicured green tea plantations enjoying the crispy cold weather or take a more thrill seeking precarious route on a jungle safari in Yala or Wilpattu. Further, towards the south you could go dolphin and whale watching in Mirissa and literally beach hop your way back to Colombo for some shopping and end it all with a saucy Negambo lunch before you say your byes at the airport.

There is a reason our isle was thought to be a “Garden of Eden” because it is rich in history, bountiful in gems, luscious with greenery, and abundant with food.

General Information about Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - an island lies in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal has often been often described as a tropical paradise.

Full of diverse fauna & flora native to the most tropical regions and the totally different chilly mountainous areas of the interior are the testimony to the rich diversity of the entire country. Pleasant sea breezes temper the coast's tropical climate through most of the year; the hills and mountains in the island's center have generally cool climate. Arab traders of long ago knew the island as Serendib, which is the origin of the word serendipity, reflecting the unexpected pleasures of the land.

During the British Crown Colony, Sri Lanka is known as the Ceylon, became independent in 1948, although it remained under dominion status. Its 1972 constitution proclaimed it an independent republic, and changed the country's name. Finally, in 1978, a new constitution officially declared the island the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been a center of the Buddhist religion and culture from ancient times and is one of the few remaining abodes of Buddhism in South Asia, including Ladakh, Bhutan and the Chittagong Hill Tracts, as well as being a bastion of Hinduism.

Why Travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a world famous tourist destination. A country rich in colonial and pre colonial history, this jewel has been fought over by many. Thousands flock to the island all year round not only of it is modern enough to transport on carpeted roads, comfortable A/C coaches or enjoy the scenic views from trains, but not without the charms of an Asian experience; the tuk-tuk rides with occasional wisdom printed on the back; the spicy hot street food; the chants of road side vendors and fortune telling women clad in psychedelic sarees. A way of life you deserve to see, not just ponder over.

Come embrace the country’s eclectic mix of charismatic chaos and calm. We at Asian Escapes promise to give you an unconventional experience. Whether you are a veteran tourist or someone determined not to be a “tourist”, our packages are tailored to meet every unique need.